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The School

Our Philosophy

Education, we firmly believe,is to bring out the perfection that is within. Each child is unique and each child is divine. The secular education, that we provide, develops the mind of the child; spiritual education develops his heart. “Schooling for Excellence” is our motto; academic excellence is its first step and human excellence, the ultimate. We, like all Sathya Sai Schools world-wide, are committed to the task of developing caring human beings who follow the axiom- Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara (speak the truth; follow the righteous path). Our endeavour is to produce young men and women of character. Sri Sathya Sai Baba says, “End of education is character”.
The school follows the practices which cultivate in every child, a mind that can analyze, observe and apply to life situation, the skills that would equip him to face the challenges of life and attitude and values that will make him not only successful but at peace with himself. The process aims at a balance between the latest in science & technology and the basic values much needed to be taught. 
The School endeavour is to provide..
  1. Opportunities and resources to be lifelong learners.
  2. Motivation to become productive, responsible and caring citizens.
  3. Learning environment which is liberal and loving .
  4. Balanced Schedule for development of holistic personality.
We Believe In...
  1. Integrity, self esteem, human values and dignity of individual. 
  2. Noble task of shaping up human excellence and nurturing receptive minds.
  3. Potentiality of the individual for evolution of mind and spirit.
  4. Working passionately for the realization of our dreams and ideals.