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Music, Dance and Theatre

Education is the quest to find the truth and to develop the ability to express it. Theatre and Performing Arts comprises the means and provide avenues to express the same. Verbal expression is the first miracle of creative expression and it is also the most intimate of all. When students develop the confidence and vision to express their mind verbally, the quest to find the truth becomes deeper and richer. The key is for students to learn that true expression is not repetition from memory but feeling, thinking and perceiving the nuances, and then crafting the same into their own original words and in their own unique ways of speaking and communicating.
If it is written creativity, be it poetry, fiction, drama, song or speech, words hold the key to the search for truth and bring forth its fulfilment. If a student is exposed to the richest spoken and written communication in the early years of education, they will internally realize the potential of those words and this will reflect when the student begins to express inner feelings verbally. They will be inspired, guided, and challenged by the words they have absorbed in those early years. Thus we expose young students to the best of poetry, fiction, drama and music as a sound start to fulfilling theatre education. Gradually students are provoked to express themselves while retaining the student's unique personality and original creativity at the centre of all the guidance. Recitations, songs, plays, debates, dances are all directed under the guidance of teachers who feel deeply for the students and for their inner thoughts.